Sunday, 25 November 2018

Ladywell Fields Orchard Volunteer Session - Saturday 1st December - 10.30 am -12.00 noon

The Orchard Project have helped us to buy two new plum trees for Ladywell Fields orchard. They are of a new variety, Marjorie's seedling, expanding the diversity of our plums. This is a traditional variety which is self-fertile but will also cross pollinate with the trees we already have, increasing the crop. Late autumn is the perfect time to plant them.

We have planned a planting day for Saturday 1st December. Please come along to help and maybe learn something new about tree planting. Rendezvous at the orchard in the south end of Ladywell Fields, near the Bournville Road entrance. Under 16s need to be supervised by their responsible adult. Please bring your own work gloves if you have them, but some tools will also be available to borrow.

Please email if interested, so we can gauge numbers and let you know if there is any hitch in the plan. The planting day is based on the expected delivery week, but if the trees haven't actually arrived or the weather is very bad we may need to postpone to the following Saturday. 

Tree canopy cover

London City Hall have released a new tree canopy map aiming to show every single tree, using Google Earth imagery and machine-learning techniques.  The map section of Ladywell Fields shows in detail how tree growth is concentrated along the course of river Ravensbourne and the railway banks. 

Previous estimates of London's tree cover were based on statistical sampling. This new analysis is  based on high-resolution aerial imagery and artificial intelligence and claims to be approximately 94% accurate.  It will be used to pinpoint exactly where trees are and which parts of London should be targeted for tree planting projects. 

The Mayor has committed to increasing tree canopy cover by 10 per cent by 2050.  Considering even just the impact of climate change to be absorbed over that time scale, this does not seem a very ambitious target.  Currently, London has about one tree per inhabitant and a tree canopy covering around 21 per cent of the capital’s land area.

See the map in its entirety at The map is a European Space Agency funded project, produced by Breadboard Labs in collaboration with the Greater London Authority.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Healthy Walks and Nordic Walks at Ladywell Fields

Parks in London are an essential resource to promote walking and healthy living, and Ladywell Fields is a particularly beautiful place for outdoor activity. 

The Lewisham Healthy Walks programme meets regularly at Ladywell Fields for health walks and Nordic walks for everyone including those Lewisham residents who are less active.

Anyone can turn up and go at one of the weekly events each Thursday at 11am.  For the full program of targeted activities visit

Lewisham Nordic walks are perfect for those who want to get a bit more active. It is simple to learn and the programmes start with four sessions to learn the technique with an instructor--next start date is Saturday 5 January 2019. There is no charge for the sessions and equipment is provided. Visit for more info on Nordic walks.

Lewisham Healthy Walks is managed by GCDA and funded by Lewisham Council. It is part of the Be Inspired Lewisham Programme - you can find out more at

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Planting day for new trees in the community orchard, Saturday 1st December

We have secured funding from The Orchard Project for two new plum trees. Having considered the options, we chose Marjorie's seedling trees. This is a very traditional variety which is self-fertile but will also cross pollinate with the trees we already have, increasing the crop. The trees will replace an apple and a pear because switching to a stone fruit reduces the chances of soil sickness which can arise when replanting like with like.
Planting day is arranged for Saturday, 1st December 2018. If you would like help with this, please email

The new trees will need regular watering for their first two years--just as we lost our orchard water butt. If anyone has a spare, used water butt, or can think of a way to get sponsorship for a new one, please let us know at

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Lewisham Greening Fund announced

London Borough of Lewisham announced on 10 October 2018 a new £250,000 Greening Fund to protect and improve the borough’s green spaces.  Schools, park user groups and community groups looking for grants to improve green spaces in the borough should all apply.

This presents an opportunity for Ladywell Fields User Group to access funding for long overdue improvements of the park.  Suggestions can be emailed to Applications for funding will be invited early in the new year.