Wednesday 22 November 2023

Next Meeting and Christmas Social, Thursday 7 December 2023, 7pm

We have the important job of adopting a revised Constitution, so please come and have your say!  

There will also be time to discuss any other pressing park issues, and the option of a chat and a drink after the meeting.

Meet 7.00pm, Thursday 7 December at the RUSS Community Hub, 12 Church Grove SE13 7UU (via the gate at the far end of Church Grove in Ladywell). 

Thursday 12 October 2023

Dockless hire bikes

2023 has been a record breaking year for dockless bike hire in London.  The lime green Lime bikes offer fast, convenient, environment friendly transport for an ever growing number users.  But some incorrectly parked or abandoned bikes present a hazard.   

Lime bikes in a no parking zone or causing an obstruction should be reported to the operator as soon as possible.  This is easily done via "Improper or illegal parking" menu in the Lime app--just take a photo and send.  It's not necessary to be riding a bike.  Or alternatively, 

  • call 0800 808 5223
  • email 
  • email
  • use the Council's 'Love Clean Streets' app
  • use the 'Fix My Street' app.  

The operator must remove reported bikes within 12 hours.  

Parking rules for Ladywell Fields vary depending on location.  The south field and the middle field east of the Ravensbourne are no parking zones.  Elsewhere in Ladywell Fields it is permitted to end a journey and park the bike responsibly.  The Lime app is giving users clear instructions on how and where to park and collects fines from users who do not end their journey properly.  

The parking zones are about to change, though.  Lewisham Council has just announced a plan to create 300 bike park and hire bays across the borough.  With the introduction of designated Lime bike bays, parking will be banned everywhere else. 

Sunday 24 September 2023

Playground Improvements

The Park User Group has secured some funding through Lewisham's 'Greening Fund' to refurbish the playground in the southern (Catford Green) end of the park near the community orchard and Adenmore/Bournville Roads.  There are three options for new items to supplement existing playground equipment.  You can look at these options in more details, leave comments or express a preference via the user group's Facebook page.  Responses will be fed back to Glendale.

Committee update

At its AGM on 20 September 2023 the Ladywell Fields User Group elected Caroline Cupitt as Chair, Robert Sheppard as Secretary and Tony Rich as Treasurer for 2023/24.  The Group also adopted the Lewisham Parks Charter, which sets out the relationship between the Council and park friends groups.

Wednesday 26 July 2023

Next Meeting and AGM, Wed 20 Sept 2023 7pm

The next meeting of the Ladywell Fields User Group (also known as the 'Friends of Ladywell Fields') will take place at 7.00pm on Weds 20 September.  

At the start of the meeting we will complete Annual General Meeting (AGM) business:  election of committee officers, re-adoption of the Constitution and receipt of the Chair's annual report.  If you'd be interested in serving on the LFUG committee during 2023/24, please email your interest to 

Probably at the Community Hub meeting space, at the end of Church Grove, Ladywell--venue to be confirmed.  

Please come along and help us ensure a wide range of park user views are heard!