Monday, 23 April 2018

Ladywell Fields River Clean-Up, Sunday 14 October 2018

Our regular Spring River Clean-Up, facilitated by Thames21, was held on Sunday, 22 April.  About twenty of us, adults and children, freed the Ravensbourne from litter an debris.

Blessed with dappled sunshine under the canopy of some outstandingly beautiful park trees, we could at times imagine ourselves in pristine countryside rather than an urban river.  Admittedly, the removal of dozens of items of plastic litter, discarded clothes and sodden picnic blankets, bits of scaffolding, two safe deposit boxes, a scooter and a shopping trolley all helped keep up the idyllic appearance. 

The surprise find of the day was a Doulton Lambeth glaze earthenware 'Batey' brown bottle in pristine condition, presumably used for selling ginger beer in the second half of the 19th century. 
Thanks to everyone who joined in, many for the first time--young people in particular.  We had some great conversations and made useful new contacts.  Watch this blog for forthcoming volunteering dates in Ladywell Fields.