Community Orchard

Orchard maintenance (22 February 2015)
This orchard, close to the children's play equipment in the south of the park (by the Bournville Road entrance) was planted for the benefit of the local community.
If you would like to get involved in tending or pruning these trees please contact

The trees should grow to about 3 metres tall and begin to produce fruit 3-7 years after planting (in 2011), depending on the variety.


Fiesta - a dessert apple, raised in 1972 by Dr. Alston in Kent, has a cox-like favour.  Pick late September.

Herefordshire Russet - a dessert apple, raised in 1975 by Mr Ermen in Kent.  Fruits are crisp with a sweet flavour.  Pick late September.

Scrumptious - an early dessert apple raised by Mr. Ermen in 1980 in Kent.  A sweet flavour with hints of strawberry.  Pick end of August.


Concorde - a dessert pear raised in 1977 in Kent.  Sweet juicy fruits, similar to conference pear.  Pick end of September.

Merton Pride (also known as Merton Favourite) - a dessert pear introduced in 1959, with very fine flesh and good flavour.  Pick early September.


Morello - a sour cherry with deep crimson to black fruits.  Very old variety, which became popular in England in the 16th Century.  Pick end of August.

Bradbourne Black - A sweet eating cherry from Kent, raised in 1950s.  Large dark crimson fruits that are very flavourful.  Pick early August.


Victoria - first found in a garden in Sussex and introduced widely about 1840.  Medium fruits which can be eaten or used for cooking.  Pick late August - early September.

Avalon - a dessert plum raised in Bristol and granted rights in 1989.  Fruits have golden yellow, juicy flesh with good flavour.  Pick late August.