Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Malyons bridge leak to be fixed (at last!)

On 1 June I first drew the Council's attention to this problem, a leak in the water supply to the adventure playground which has created a green and slimy patch just inside the Park.  Because this poses a slip hazard Glendale have kindly cleaned the area a few times, but the root cause of the problem remains.
But good news now (we hope).  Paul Bailey at the Council (paul.bailey@lewisham.gov.uk) wrote yesterday "I have arranged to meet the contractors on site tomorrow to determine the works required, with the work to commence soon after".
It is unclear as yet whether the works will require the temporary closure of the bridge.
Robert Sheppard 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

LFUG meeting next Tuesday 29 Sept - draft agenda

The draft agenda is as follows: 
  1. Communications and possible apppointment of a Comms Officer
  2. Skanska lighting works, including some lights replaced but still not working
  3. Public WCs by the cafe - yet again the cafe operator needs to live up to their contractual obligations
  4. The weir - still breached and secondary river channel not working properly as a result.  When will repairs be undertaken?
  5. Mullalley temporary depot site by Doggett Road - new litter bins to be installed as 'quid pro quo' for disruption
  6. Water mains leak at Malyons road bridge - reported several months ago but no action as yet, but it remains a slip hazard
  7. Barratt's latest 'Catford Green' planning application
  8. Safeguarding new tree plantings
  9. Stand for the Ladywell Arena
  10. Mopeds using the Park
  11. Park railings in poor condition - what are Glendale's contractual obligations in this regard?
  12. Clean-up issues - the micro-site nature reserve (near the basketball court) needs attention, as do the riverbank areas around the bridges between the hospital and the Park
  13. Miscellaneous maintenance issues - please email ladywellfields@yahoo.co.uk if you have suggestions for additional agenda items (n.b. Glendale have confirmed they will be represented, by Paul Turner, at the meeting)
See you there!
Robert Sheppard

Friday, 11 September 2015

New blood needed - could this be for you?

After nearly 20 years, first as Chairman and latterly as Secretary, I have decided to step back from active involvement in the Ladywell Fields User Group. I have just been appointed a School Governor and already have a number of other pressures and challenges in my personal and work life, so for the time being Ladywell Fields has simply been 'squeezed out'.   I am sure I will be back!

So LFUG needs one or two volunteers to step forward (1) to act as Secretary, calling and publicising our 3-4 meetings p.a.; and (2) to manage this website/blog, posting occasional updates and news items of local relevance.
No previous experience is required, just commonsense and a relentless commitment to making Ladywell Fields the best it can be! Tony Rich (LFUG Chair) and I are more than happy fully to induct anyone appointed to this/these position(s) and though I'm dropping out of active involvement, I will remain around to help on an ad hoc basis.

Please let me know (by emailing ladywellfields@yahoo.co.uk) if you'd like to take up the reins! I plan to resign at the next ordinary meeting on 29 September and ideally the new appointment(s) will be made that same night.
Robert Sheppard

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Park events consultation - have your say!

The Council has launched a survey on the planned 'updating' of its events policy for parks.
The questions are mainly around the potential for more large scale events that could raise an income which could benefit individual parks or the parks service in general.  The Council is seeking input from local people via this linkIf you have trouble accessing the link you can go direct to the Lewisham Council website and follow 'Get Involved' - 'Influence Decisions' - 'Consultations'.
Robert Sheppard

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Come along to Ladywell Fields meeting on 29 September

The Friends of Ladywell Fields (a.k.a. Ladywell Fields User Group) will meet at 7.30pm on Tuesday 29 September, in the Gallery r/o Ladywell Tavern.  Just walk into the pub, buy your tipple, and come on through the back of the pub, into the yard then turn right into the Gallery building.
More information, including advance notice of any agenda items, will be posted here - on or around 21 September.
Robert Sheppard
Secretary, Ladywell Fields User Group

Miscellaneous park maintenance issues

Main play area in Northern Fields - Glendale have today indicated that the 'flying fox' was removed due to wear in the hanging chain which attaches to the 'traveller'.  A new one has been ordered with complete new seat and will be fitted as soon as it arrives.  It's due to be delivered on 11 September.  Glendale apparently keep spare seats in stock, but the worn chains are ordered when needed, spares seats are kept in stock to ensure minimal down time in replacing worn seats.
'Turning tree' in south field - Glendale will clear the installation of debris tomorrow.
Malyons Road entrance to Park - there is an underground water leak just inside the Park which results in water seeping up through the pavement making the path surface wet and slippery.  Resolution of this issue with Thames Water is being handled by the Council's Energy & Sustainability Manager.
Robert Sheppard

Communication mix-up sees new tree plantings fail

We've previously reported on this problem, the resolution of which seems to us, as park users, pretty straightforward - just get someone down there with a bowser and keep the trees watered when it gets a bit dry!
Martin Hyde, LB Lewisham's Parks Regeneration Manager, yesterday issued an explanation and apology:
"As you will have been aware the new tree planting was part of a wider regeneration project which had its own dedicated project manager. Following the first failure of trees, which was the responsibility of the main contractor, the project manager arranged for the replacement trees to be planted and maintained by Civic Trees a subsidiary of Glendale rather than the main contractor who had no further ongoing liabilities on the project. All costs covered by the main contractor.
"For whatever reason and clearly a breakdown in communications it transpires that Glendale Lewisham only began watering the trees after the dry spell in the spring when the matter was brought to their attention.
"With regards to liability Civic Trees have accepted that they must replace those trees which have failed this year and that Glendale Lewisham have agreed to be responsible for ongoing maintenance and watering over the coming years.
"This is also a lesson learned for ourselves where parks projects are managed by central project managers who often don’t have time available to oversee aftercare liabilities that sit outside the Glendale parks contract.
"Please accept my apologies for this matter."
Robert Sheppard
Secretary, The Ladywell Fields User Group

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Stand, please, for the Ladywell Arena!

The Council has notified the Ladywell Fields User Group 'as a courtesy' that it is developing plans to for a stand (i.e. a seating area, presumably banked) at the Ladywell Arena - in the southeast corner of the Park behind Albacore Crescent - and that a planning application will be submitted in due course.

David Walton, the Council's Community Assets Manager (David.Walton@lewisham.gov.uk (T) 020 8314 8256 (M) 07753 859058 writes:
"The athletics track at Ladywell Arena primarily hosts athletics training and football matches along with a large number of school sports days.
"The league of the two football clubs requires that a small seating stand (50 seating and 50 standing) be erected to conform with their rules.  "
"This is a tight site with limited options for locating such a stand - which would of course be of benefit to all users.
"In the coming months colleagues will be developing the outline ideas into a design which will need to be submitted for planning permission. Funding will also need to be secured. 

"If you have any queries please do get in touch."

The User Group is unlikely to object, provided the design and siting of the stand is not too obtrusive and that good access for cyclists and pedestrians is maintained.  However we have asked to be given the opportunity to examine the plans prior to any planning application being submitted.

Robert Sheppard
Secretary, The Ladywell Fields User Group