Saturday, 24 October 2015

Malyons Road bridge water leak has been fixed (at last!)

Paul Bailey at Lewisham Council let it be known that the previously reported water leakage affecting the park at the end of Malyons Road has been repaired.  Young intrepid waterway explorers need to revert to playing along the stream in the north field.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Malyons Road bridge - mains water leak (update)

Please see earlier post on this.  Paul Bailey, Energy Engineer at Lewisham Council, has just provided this update.
"With the works agreed, I can advise the work is likely to take approximately a week to complete. Also, with the bridge a major thoroughfare to the park, the contractors have been advised that access via the bridge must be available at all times as well as being mindful of health and safety, e.g. the use of barriers etc.

"I anticipate the work to commence in a week or so as the necessary permits and access have to be arranged.

It's good to talk . . .

At its meeting on 29 September, the Ladywell Fields User Group considered a wide range of current issues affecting the park and was grateful to have Paul Winters (Glendale) in attendance to respond to key issues.  The following is a brief summary of issues discussed and actions agreed.

The River Ravensbourne weir, by the Hospital, remains breached and as a result the secondary channel has low water levels.  It was noted Nick Pond (LB Lewisham) is leading a group designing/implementing a solution which is likely to be funded and undertaken by Volker Fitzpatrick, the main contractor on the Lewisham Gateway Project.  The User Group will ask to be kept 'in the loop' on this.
Considerate cycling - The issue of cycling in the Park was discussed.  It was noted that LFUG Chair, Tony Rich, had tried to get a meeting with officers at LB Lewisham but that this had not been possible due to "staff reductions".  Suggestions for how to encourage more considerate cycling included erecting new signs, e.g. at the Bournville Road entrance, which was felt to be particularly dangerous.
The poor condition of the public toilets within the Cafe building was discussed.  It was noted that these were primarily the responsibility of the cafĂ© operator (Jimmy Mizen Foundation/Ten Thousand Hands) and suggested that 'consumer power' should be enlisted to bring about improvements.  It was suggested that a sign be put up in the toilets informing users of the cafe operator's responsibilities (as otherwise people tend to assume it is Glendale or the Council who's to blame for the smells and unsanitary conditions of the toilets).

Mullally's proposal to install a temporary depot in the Park at the end of Doggett Road for which, in return, the Park would gain ten new litter bins, was discussed.  Although some new bin locations had already been identified, Paul asked for views on where the remaining bins should go.  The area around the skateboard park was identified as a possible site, but it was suggested that otherwise locations should be dictated by Glendale's own knowledge of the worst areas for littering.

Water mains leak at Malyons Road bridge - it was noted that LB Lewisham's Energy & Sustainability Department had met Thames Water on-site to discus the necessary works and disruption involved.

Barratt's latest planning application to add another storey to the new buildings on the boundary with the middle field was discussed.  It was suggested that the User Group might be able to ask for increased investment in the Park as a 'quid pro quo', e.g. improved cycle provision, lighting etc.

Safeguarding new trees - the mix-up between Glendale and the park contractors over the watering of new trees was discussed.  Paul reported that clearer guidance on handover between the two parties had been drawn up to avoid this problem in the future.  It was noted that Park Users should continue to monitor the health of new plantings and draw issues to Glendale's attention as soon as possible.

The proposal for a new stand within the Ladywell Arena site was discussed.  The User Group was supportive of the proposal, provided it did not negatively affect either of the paths in the Park which skirt the arena boundary.

The problem of illegal moped use in the park was discussed.  The need for Park users to report incidents to the Safer Neighbourhood Team, with registration plate details if possible, was noted.  LFUG would look to promote this issue on the blog and obtain SNT contact details.

The complaint about railings maintenance was noted though there was uncertaitty expressed about which railings were in the worst condition.. The model of Ravensbourne Park Gardens was mentioned as good practice (albeit that the railings there were a different type).  LFUG would investigate further Glendale's responsibilities and the general state of the railings, then report back.

The poor state of the micro-site nature reserve (near the basketball court) was discussed. It was suggested that Nature's Gym volunteers might be asked to look at the site.

The resignation of long-standing Secretary (and former Chairman) Robert Sheppard was reluctantly accepted.  In his absence, Robert was warmly thanked by the Group for his dedication and hard work in servicing meetings and dealing with issues in the Park over many years.

Andreas Goldner was appointed as the new Communications Officer and welcomed to the Group.

Tony Rich
LFUG Chair