Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Communication mix-up sees new tree plantings fail

We've previously reported on this problem, the resolution of which seems to us, as park users, pretty straightforward - just get someone down there with a bowser and keep the trees watered when it gets a bit dry!
Martin Hyde, LB Lewisham's Parks Regeneration Manager, yesterday issued an explanation and apology:
"As you will have been aware the new tree planting was part of a wider regeneration project which had its own dedicated project manager. Following the first failure of trees, which was the responsibility of the main contractor, the project manager arranged for the replacement trees to be planted and maintained by Civic Trees a subsidiary of Glendale rather than the main contractor who had no further ongoing liabilities on the project. All costs covered by the main contractor.
"For whatever reason and clearly a breakdown in communications it transpires that Glendale Lewisham only began watering the trees after the dry spell in the spring when the matter was brought to their attention.
"With regards to liability Civic Trees have accepted that they must replace those trees which have failed this year and that Glendale Lewisham have agreed to be responsible for ongoing maintenance and watering over the coming years.
"This is also a lesson learned for ourselves where parks projects are managed by central project managers who often don’t have time available to oversee aftercare liabilities that sit outside the Glendale parks contract.
"Please accept my apologies for this matter."
Robert Sheppard
Secretary, The Ladywell Fields User Group