Sunday, 19 March 2017

Consultation on the Vision for Catford Town Centre

Lewisham Council is currently consulting on the future of Catford Town Centre.  Ladywell Fields falls into the catchment area, and relevant comments will be considered in this consultation.

The council will be collecting comments until the end of the year and these will be used to develop a master plan for the town centre.

The plan will show development concepts including urban design, landscaping, infrastructure, service provision and present and future land use.

It will be prepared in early 2018 and if you live, work, shop, socialise, commute or run a business in the area, you can have your say on it. Some projects and improvements, like meanwhile use, place-making events and signage can start now, but the overall project is a long-term one.

Once priorities for Catford have been agreed, these will be introduced over time to deliver lasting benefits for the whole town centre. It's interesting yeras ahead for Catford.

Visit to leave comments.