Saturday, 3 February 2018

Orchard volunteering session, Saturday 24th February, 10.30am-12.30pm

Update of 25 February 2018:  

Given the perfect conditions, we focused on pruning. We did all the winter pruning needed in both Ladywell Fields and Iona Close orchards. Two trees were in real trouble.  We might have saved one, the other is beyond help. You will see the pear tree (next to a missing tree) which is cut right down to a stump. It had a large wound on the trunk but it has a chance as the wood was clean when we cut it. It has a guard plus mulch and its a case of fingers crossed. The other tree is an apple, quite near the entrance to Iona Close. This also had not only one a large wound on its trunk but several more further down at ground level. There is nothing to be done but dig it out. We need to return by April.  Would anyone be available to do this job? It will take at least two people as there is an extensive root system.

There is also some mulch left. The smaller more vulnerable trees all have mulch, but it would be good to use the remainder on the other trees. A bucket and a sturdy pair of gloves is all that's needed. Mulch to be placed around the tree outside the guard to create a circle of about 1 metre diameter. 

An April session would also be at the right time to do some work on the plum trees.

Update of 3 February 2018:  

We will meet for another community orchard maintenance session from 10.30am to 12.30pm on Saturday, 24th February.  At our previous session of 3rd February we got a fair bit done in terms of weed control, mulching and restaking.  However, pruning had to be postponed because of the rain.  
If we are lucky enough to get some dry weather, please come along to help and maybe learn something new about tree pruning. 

Rendezvous at the south end of Ladywell Fields, Bournville Road entrance. Boots and old clothes recommended. Under 16s only with supervision. Please bring your own (sharp) secateurs if you have them! Please email if interested, so we can gauge numbers. Hope to see you there.