Sunday, 5 April 2020

Keep Ladywell Fields safe and follow the Coronavirus guidance

We have first warm weekend of 2020 – the first one since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown – and it's really tempting to spend time outdoors.  Ladywell Fields can be a great open space, provided we follow the guidelines on social distancing
✅exercise in your local park
✅keep moving so don’t block the area for others 
✅keep 2m distance
❌ picnic, sunbathe, play sports
❌drive to Ladywell Fields
❌go in if busy
Never forget, people needing treatment or battling for their lives in ten days time are catching their Coronavirus infection now. 
Imagine you are told you have contracted Covid 19: you will be asked to trace where you had been and who you had been in contact with.  Be sure you have not caused anyone else to get ill.  Don't take the risk, think of others. 
You can run, walk, or cycle either alone or with members of your household.  Be particularly stringent about keeping that 2m distance at pinch-points including entrances and foot bridges.  All outdoor facilities – playgrounds, tennis courts, skate park, gym equipment and petanque – are closed.